Making Massachusetts a Leading Global Destination for Digital Health

Source: February 2019 Digital Health Report

The convergence between digital health and the life sciences is creating new opportunities to transform patient care as well as drug discovery and development. From wearables to machine learning, digital technologies are easing data collection from patients, increasing medical adherence, reshaping clinical trials, and offering new insights into real-world applications of therapies. Embedding digital health tools into the life sciences will also allow new therapies to better work within the growing value-based healthcare system that relies on data and measurable outcomes.

That’s the impetus behind MassBio’s digital health initiatives. If we can strengthen the digital health industry in Massachusetts and support opportunities for it to converge with the life sciences, we’ll all benefit. 

Three Opportunities for Massachusetts
to Further Catalyze Digital Health

Source: February 2019 Digital Health Report

Digital Health Report

In February 2019, MassBio released a digital health report, “Making Massachusetts a Leading Global Destination for Digital Health,” which examines the current state of the digital health industry in Massachusetts, the challenges facing its growth here, and the opportunities for Massachusetts to lead. The report, done by Deloitte, also includes a roadmap for MassBio to follow, with the support of other digital health stakeholders, to ensure digital health companies and their technologies have the best opportunity to converge with life sciences companies in Massachusetts and ultimately improve outcomes for patients. 

Learn more & download the report.

Key Initiatives

As a trade association for the life sciences, MassBio’s digital health activities will fall into two areas: launching new MassBio-run initiatives such as MassCONNECT.DH to support digital health entrepreneurs, and advocacy in support of broader government and private initiatives seeking to make Massachusetts the leader in digital health. Given all that is already happening in Massachusetts through the Digital Health Council and other leading digital health stakeholders, MassBio.DH will focus on what we can do to enable convergence between the life sciences and digital health.

The first initiative to launch under MassBio.DH is MassCONNECT.DH, a program to support early stage digital health companies through mentorship – similar to what we already do with MassCONNECT and early stage biotech and med device companies. Read more about the first cycle of MassCONNECT.DH here.

MassBio also plans to launch a digital health corporate investor working group to convene leading digital health investors, share best practices, and discuss how they can help Massachusetts become the leader in digital health. And we’re working with government and other stakeholders to advocate for increased data access, among other issues. These will continue as we tackle other MassBio.DH objectives into 2020, 2021, and beyond. Stay tuned for updates!