Biopharma Startup Toolkit

Taking your science from lab to market is incredibly hard. Jumpstart your biopharma or grow your idea with the content below, provided courtesy of our 2021 Partnering Week experts.

Partnering Week Info Sessions

Ipsen Overview Session

Watch to get an understanding of Ipsen’s approach to partnering, their core areas of focus, and why they believe that together, we can make a difference for patients and society. This presentation was held by Philippe Lopes-Fernandes, Chief Business Officer, Howard Mayer, head of R&D and Christelle Huguet, head of External Innovation.

Bayer Overview Session

Watch Marianne de Backer, PhD, EVP, Head of Strategy, Business Development & Licensing and Member of the Executive Committee of Bayer, explain the latest insights about our Pharmaceuticals strategy and ongoing transformation, as well as the role external innovation has to bring this to life.

Takeda Overview Session – Morning

Caroline Schmitt, Global Head of Enterprise Digital
Caroline introduces Takeda’s history, values and corporate focus, then describes the Digital Advisory Board (DAB), the team of digital experts tasked with leading Takeda’s digital transformation.

David Zuckerman, Digital Health Partnerships Lead
David introduces the Digital Partnerships team, mission and values, and presents an overview of the streamlined partnering process.

Hannes Toivanen, Lead Center of Excellence for Innovation, Nordics
Hannes recaps Takeda’s recently concluded European Innovation Challenge, explains Takeda’s growing efforts and focus on running innovation challenges and teases the upcoming US-focused challenge that will be kicking off soon.

Takeda Overview Session – Afternoon

Tom Kluz, Investment Partner, Takeda Digital Ventures
Tom reviews TDV’s investment thesis, process and highlights recent digital health investments his team has made.

Maria Picone, CEO and Co-Founder of TREND Community
Maria sets the bar high as a leader of an emerging technology startup that has partnered with Takeda. She overviews TREND Community’s approach and progress and how they drive value for patients, caregivers, providers and the insights they can provide to leading pharma companies.

Innovator Bootcamp Sessions

Rothwell Figg Bootcamp

Patents and intellectual property protections are cornerstones of the biopharma industry. Experts from Rothwell Figg will dig into what you need to know to ensure your science is protected.

Bayer Bootcamp

On your journey to transform your innovation into a new treatment option for patients, it’s vital to have a smart strategy on engaging with the FDA. Experts at Bayer will share their industry expertise and discuss key benchmarks in this process.

KPMG Bootcamp

You’re ready to take your science from lab to market, but what’s your first step? Experts from KPMG will walk you through how to develop a business plan – and communicate that plan to prospective investors with a strong pitch deck.

Marsh and McLennan Bootcamp

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant,” so what steps can you take to build a winning team? Experts at Marsh and McLennan will share their best practices on making those first key hires at your startup.

Morgan Stanley Bootcamp

You have strong science and a great idea – now it’s time to grow. Experts from Morgan Stanley will share their tips and tricks to help you effectively navigate a changing funding landscape.

Navigating Towards FDA Approval Of Oncology Therapeutics

Interested in learning more about the regulatory landscape unique to oncology drug development? Check out the slides from our latest MassBio-Bayer Center for Regulatory Excellence on approaching the FDA.